I was really confused when I heard the term Moss Graffiti. The name sounds simple enough, but really? After looking into it a little more, this may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Of course, we would only suggest doing this on your own property, especially because it does take a little bit of maintenance to get it going.

To get started you’ll need:

3 cups of moss (washed clean of soil)

2 cups buttermilk OR 2 cups of yogurt (should be plain yogurt)

2 cups of water or beer

1/2 tsp of sugar

corn syrup (optional)

A blender that you probably won’t want to use other than for this.


Collect about 3 cups of moss. You can sometimes buy this at a nursery but you may be able to find it right in your yard as well.


Once you collect the moss, rinse it as much as possible to get rid of the soil.


Break up the pieces as much as possible and put them in a blender.


Add yogurt OR buttermilk, water OR beer, and sugar. Blend until this is completely smooth and has a paint like consistency.


If the mixture is too runny, then add corn syrup. You don’t want this dripping all over, so add corn syrup a little bit at a time.


Pour mixture into a bucket.


Use a paintbrush to make the design that you’d like with your moss graffiti.

moss8Once you are done with the painting, you’ll want to check on it regularly. If you live in a very dry climate, use a spray bottle to keep the paint moist and to help promote moss growth. You can also paint over the design you did to encourage the moss growth if you do not have a spray bottle available.moss9

Be patient! Depending on your climate, it may take a little while for your moss to grow. Check out some of these great designs below:


How cool is this? I’m trying to think of a place in my yard where I can try this. It’d be a fun activity to do with kids as well!