Today was the big apple announcement! They announced the iPhone6 iPhone6 Plus and the Apple Watch. Of course, I want to get them all but, I wont need two mobile phones. I will get the iPhone6 Plus and the Apple Watch. The size of the phone is so large now it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t just switch over to the iPad Mini and use VoIP to make telephone calls. The iPad Mini is probably too large to be a realistic phablet. i remember joking around with my mom’s iPad Mini pretending it was a huge ass iPhone. my first impressions of the Apple Watch were very good! they sold me on getting one! I don’t think I will go for a shiny one, perhaps a space grey with a complementing metal clasping watch band. I wouldn’t get a gold one because i don’t see it as practical. but most of apple products aren’t always meant to be as practical as they are to be functional statement pieces. The sport models are more of a brushed metal than the shiny apple watch and Apple Watch edition models. it doesn’t look as if the watch bands for the apple watch and apple watch sports editions are compatible with the apple watch edition models.after looking more, it looks as if all three models may be compatible with all of the wrist bands. because of an adapter companion. .42mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet appears to be the model i want, i can deal with the shiny watch because its not silvery looking. although i like 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band but with the stainless steel link bracelet. I wonder if you could have it engraved? 

Just ten more days ‘till they start shippin the iPhone 6 Plus for 299 extending my two year contract. my sprint contract is all ready to upgrade!