I think i may be more of a stickler about mundane rules as much or if not more than the people i have had to deal with in the past. Christmas tree was a stickler, but at least i am pro patient and not afraid of charging and earning monies rightfully earned. I woke up early today and don’t know what to do now.

Pandora unfortunately shifted from annual subscriptions to monthly.  Pandora said they did not raise the subscription prices but in the shift they actually raised the prices 24.00 per new user and 12.00 per existing subscriber so that is roughly 30 to 40% increase for new subscribers and 10 to 25% existing. If i was too upset I would cancel my subscription because of my iTunes radio subscription. because itunes radio does not work on my home entertainment devices like pandora does I will keep Pandora.

Friday my stamps from 20Stamps iPhone APP arrive.

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