Terrarium Table

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been wanting to make a piece of indoor ‘garden’ furniture for ages. Not only do plants help improve indoor air quality (see NASA study), they also are huge mood enhancers for me. So I finally got down to it and built a terrarium coffee table! It was a lot of work for my beginner self, but totally worth the math and effort.

Before getting started, I set some perimeters for myself: 1. I must use at least one recycled/upcycled item and, 2. The finished product has to be fun and cheeky. Plants on their own have so much personality (and I planned on adding in some little figures to add even MORE personality), so I wanted the table to be a very simple/minimal design.

The re-use item I chose was a simple wood and glass cabinet door from a really great used building supply store here in San Francisco called Builders Resources. As a result of my designing around this found item, it would be impossible for you to recreate this table exactly as shown, but what I will do in this Instructable is guide you through making your own version, no matter what the dimensions of the door you find are.

Print out the attached Supplies List and let’s get started!