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When you look around you will find the world is getting less green.  Pet bottles, Styrofoam and Aluminum cans litter the environment. Trees are being cut for buildings, fiber and many things. Sure we need most of these  things to make our lives easier.
In our street , there is no tree,So i just started gardening at the roof of our house. It looks  small beautiful garden.

Step 1: Material needed

Picture of material needed
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1) old newspaper or waste papers
2)waste plastic bottles(used)

3) Glue 
4) soil
5) seeds or plants( i used Sadabahar seeds)
6) water

Step 2: Step 1( recycle newspaper)

Picture of step 1( recycle newspaper)


Things you need…..

1.Paper (lot’s of it…)
2.A large tub ( the sieve should fit in to it easily)


1.Tear up the paper in the shreds
2.Soak it in warm water for at least 2 hours (24 hours would be much better)
3. Mix it properly

at last u will get a pulp of newspapers

Step 3: Making Pot of Recycled Newspaper

Picture of Making Pot of Recycled Newspaper
Put pulp of newspapers on any mould(bottle),as you want shape of your pot

I shape it like this as shown in images
and remove it after 2 -3 hours,it take time to get bottle like shape,after removing from mould(bottle)
put your pot in sun ,it will take 2 days to completely hard ( for use).
you may colour it,..

and u will created a wonderful pot ,vessel of recycled newspapers

it ready for use……

Step 4: Reuse Plastic Bottles

Picture of Reuse Plastic Bottles
Things You Will Need :

1)Knife to cut tops off.
2)Screwdriver( to make hole in bottle)

how to start a”Cutting Bottle”

1.  Hold one plastic bottle on its side. Cut a large, rectangular opening along the bottle’s side by puncturing the plastic with the tip of a craft knife, twisting the knife to enlarge the hole and using scissors to finish the job
2.  Poke one or two more holes along the side of the bottle that doesn’t have the rectangular opening. That hole, or those holes, will allow water to drain from the bottle.
3.  cut bottles from upper side ,it will work better

I could plant things in a shape formed by the bottle frame and plant in the bottles as well.
Lots of things I thought would work didn’t and my first go around was not 100% satisfying, but I got it to work the next time around.

it will work much better for planting

Step 5: Preparing for garden

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1.put soil in plastic bottles,recycled newspaper pot,

2.plant your seed,flower,

3,at last put some water on new plants.it will help them to get rooted

Step 6: Finally ,making small garden

Picture of finally ,making small garden

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I made small garden at house.I have plant of  veggies,turmeric,and many flowers. Its wonderful to aware about recycle,reuse of waste.

finally this is my garden

Step 7: Believe it or not, a newspaper is not just made for recycling

Picture of Believe it or not, a newspaper is not just made for recycling

Believe it or not, a newspaper is not just made for recycling. Some people read the newspaper and some people get creative and use it for lots of different things. So whether you subscribe to the newspaper or get a local newspaper thrown in your yard (whether you want it or not) don’t just put it in the recycle bin. Make use of it first in any or all of the ways below.

2.Garden. Newspaper can be used in your garden to discourage weed growth and helps keep moisture around plants. Shred it and spread it out. Then cover it with compost mixture. Avoid adding the glossy advertisement sections, as it can contain harmful chemicals not good for your garden.

3.Protect plants. You can also protect your plants by using newspaper to cover them in extreme cold weather or by using wet damp newspaper to transplant new plants.

4. Crafts. Crafts with newspaper tend to be easy. Some crafts may take time to complete, but they are all fun especially for the kids. Examples of crafts that can be made with newspaper are: Piñatas, wreaths, paper hats, kites, puppets, dolls, and even new paper can be made with newspaper.