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these are the posts we all need

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This is a test

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By Engineer of None in HomeLife-hacks 4Published Feb. 12, 2015 Introduction: Baking Soda Reinforcing Glue Repair By Engineer of NoneEngineer of None – YouTubeFollowMore bythe author: About: Why pay for stuff when you can make, build, hack, macgyver it. They are better and cheaper 100% DIY. More About Engineer of None ยป Super glue its […]

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I’m not a fan of the midwest, I am miffed about Cincinnati but i’m not having a bad time in Middletown, OH. I miss the Ocean View but being back in civilization is making up for it. I added a new editor to my wordpress and so far i am liking it. Introducing a new […]

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Posted Aug. 21, 2015 in TechnologyReuse Introduction: Old Radio Transformation By lgotje     I’ve been reading about Bluetooth radio’s for a while and decided to build something big. My girlfriend wanted a nice radio for her room. I ended up buying an old radio from a thrift shop, a Fridor 521. The radio had […]

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Posted Jul. 23, 2015 in WorkshopEnergy Introduction: Mini Hydrogen Generator By spaktashabit                 This Instructables is for a friend, showing him how to make a small low-cost hydrogen generator. I made this for under 25$ and it puts out about 1 1/2 ca min. After reading many comments […]

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Posted Jun. 3, 2015 in TechnologyElectronics Introduction: Make a Joule Thief Coil Without a Ferrite Toroid By El Mano   There are many different articles and videos to be found online that will teach you how to build a Joule Thief circuit and power LEDs off of dead batteries. Most of them, however, call for […]

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Posted Jun. 8, 2015 in WorkshopLighting Introduction: LED Plank Light By While browsing at Pinterest I found a picture of a LED Plank Light an fell immediately in love with the design. The build is actually ridiculously easy. You will need: 1 LED Strip (about 1m) 2 Wood Planks 1 Smaller Wood Plank in the […]

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Posted May. 6, 2015 in home gardening Introduction: Clip-on Hydroponic Wall Garden By BackyardCreations     Hello, this is our step by step guide towards creating your very own fully custom clip-on hydroponic wall garden. This project is very easy to build, requires very little tools and uses minimal hardware & materials, making it a […]

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Posted Apr. 7, 2015 in TechnologyElectronics Introduction: Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit By argha halder     This is a simple circuit that can power a light bulb without any wires, at a distance of almost 1 inch! This circuit acts as both, step up Voltage converter and also wireless electricity transmitter and receiver. This is […]

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