2008, April 1 by theGreenRabbit

A couple weekends ago (March 22-23, Easter weekend), I decided to plant seeds to grow some herbs indoors.

Clockwise from top right: basil, mint, parsley, chives. Actually I meant to grow some cilantro as well, but I forgot. Oops. Maybe I will plant some later. I picked up the seeds and soil from the local hardware store. There were so many types of basil to choose from and I randomly selected lettuce leaf basil. There were also a number of parsley and I went with “Plain or Single”.

For the containers, I decided to make some self-watering planters from thisInstructable. As you can see, they are made from 2-liter bottles (and string). My trick for drawing the cut line was measuring up from the line along the bottom using a ruler and marking it with rubber band as a guide. Using a Sharpie, I drew the line, removed the rubber band and started the cut with an Xacto blade and cut the line with scissors.
The seeds are really starting to sprout. From top clockwise: basil, mint, parsley, chives. The basil came in first and is looking good, the chives came in next, the parsley is just starting to come in and am still waiting on the mint. (I took the pictures yesterday and this morning the chives and parsley have really bloomed and sprouted. Cool!) There is also only one sad little mint sprout.

I think that they are working because I haven’t had to water them since the initial planting.

Another project will be to make some type of decorative covers. Besides being ugly, according to another similar Instructable the root system needs to be covered from direct sunlight. An easy solution would have been to use spray paint, but I decided not to go that way. In addition, I may try to use an orange juice container as a planter (not self-watering) taking inspiration from a Chinese take-out container used as a planter. Any product with wax water-sealed paper would work.