Plan B, an open source 3DP (powder and inkjet) 3D printer

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B is an open source 3DP 3D printer. It uses binder and powder to create it´s parts. It can be built for €1000,- ($1300,-) if the parts are sourced right. It uses standard 3D printer parts and electronics, off the shelf inkjet components, 3D printed parts and a sturdy laser cut (or water cut) aluminium frame.

It has a step accuracy of up to 0.05mm and has a printing accuracy of 96DPI (coming from it’s HP C6602 inkjet cartridge). The inkjet technology on Plan B isbased on the inkshield. It has a printing envelope of 150mmx150mmx100mm and has a layer thickness of 0.15mm to 0.2mm. It’s current speed is 60mm/s, though with better firmware this speed can easily be doubled.

It currently prints in special 3DP printing gypsum with matched binder. Additional materials are going to be investigated.

All the information in this instructable is going to be a condensed version of the information I have on my own site: and For the sake of readability, this instructable only contains the necessary information, no deep explanations of what and why. All files can be downloaded on my site and are free to use, if there is any file missing, please tell me so and I will add this file as soon as possible.

*A special thanks to:

  • AMR europe, for the 3DP printing powder and advice on 3DP printing. Without this Focus and Plan B would not have been possible.
  • Marin Kaçaj, for spending the past half year helping me develop a decent slicer for Plan B. As soon as it is stable I (or he) will share it.

(Plan B is entered in the Epilog Challenge. If I would win, I would use the laser cutter to make Plan B more friendly for consumer laser cutters, replacing all but a few aluminum parts for laser cut plastic parts.)