I saw this well built tumbler on instructables: DIY rock tumbler

And I decided, while nice it could be pared down to little more than a drill and a jar full of sand.

It is decidedly inelegant, but for free-ninety-nine it does the trick!

This is a dirt cheap method for lapidary rock polishing. You can change the media to get different surface finishes. In the vid I use backyard sand and water to remove rust and paint from old steel nails.

-Empty out an old plastic jar

-Drill a hole in the bottom of the jar

-Install a bolt in the hole

-Put the bolt in a variable speed drill

-Adjust the drill’s speed to dead slow

-Wait thirty minutes

-Behold the majesty of free sand blasting, polishing, deburring, paint removal, rust removal, e&

The vid is a minute and a half, please watch it for more details.