From Steve Jobs via Guy Kawasaki Use a top ten bullet format for speeches any more bullets is arrogant and superfluous You will suck and go long. Proving your stupid and arrogant. @ Experts are clueless if someone claims to be a guru or expert then run for the hills. They will tend to tell you the norm and inhibit ground breaking innovation. Avoid self proclaimed experts or gurus. @ Customers can not tell you what they need. They inhibit innovation because they refer to current trends and technology to tell you their needs. You can ask them with assisting in evolution to improve current things. But not how to create a revolution. Need and want are two different things. The customer can tell you what they want but it is up to you to provide what they didn’t even know what they needed. @ biggest challenges beget the best work. Give you team a huge challenge and use you team as a brain trust/ tank. Enable your team to be able to come through with the challenge. @ Design counts. Sir John Ives is an example. Steve always gave examples of his father going the extra effort for things not always seen like the back side of a fence or cabinet against the wall. @ big graphics and big fonts. In presentations. @ jump curves, not better sameness. Don’t settle for doing something 10% better do them 10 or 100 times better