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This is a video demonstration of Kinetic Sand, a sand play toy made from 98% sand, and 2% Polydimethyl siloxane, a “silicon-based organic polymer…particularly known for its unusual rheological (or flow) properties.” It makes the sand act…weird. Also, at $45 for 5kg (~11 pounds) of Kinetic Sand, it sounds like either polydimethyl siloxane is really, really expensive, or somebody’s price gouging. Just saying, I’ll sell you a bag of cat litter mixed with paint thinner for $10. It might not act the same, but neither will your kids after they eat a handful.

15 pounds of play sand/98 = 100% of the kinetic sand compound  equals .15306122449 for each percentage point so .15306122449*2 percentage points=.30612244898 pounds which is about 5 ounces of silicon-based organic polymer to be added to make 100% of the kinetic sand compound these are weight ounces and not liquid ounces.

Translation: 15 pound bag of sand and mix about five ounces by weight of the polymer

This is all guesstimations and not accurate quantities. experiment a little and post comments with your results.


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