Indoor Garden


Picture of Indoor Garden
From a draw to an indoor garden
 Step 1: Enforce the draw
Picture of Enforce the draw
I took down the front of the draw and dismantled a palet (note it was the strongest palet i’ve encounted and cost me breaking my hammer).
i’ve used the wood from the palet to enforce the bottom of the draw.

Step 2: Wheels of fortune

Picture of Wheels of fortune
Added wheels.

Step 3: Waterproof

Picture of Waterproof
Using 4 layers of nylon sheets and staple gun (only on the outside) i waterproofed the draw

Step 4: Decorate

Picture of Decorate
Using icecreem sticks and staple gun i decorated the outside of the draw and spray painted the draw

Step 5: Soil and plants

Picture of Soil and plants
I filled the draw with soil and planted the plants.
I collect some small stones and decorated.

note – indoor plants must have good lighting, artificial lighting is good however it important to ensure to have both the uv and the ir spectrum.