Picture of How to Make a Succulent Teacup Garden

Since a Teacup / Dish Garden has no drainage hole, it requires very similar setup as a terrarium.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

– Cactus potting soil
(Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix, 8-quart, $4.74, Home Depot)

– Gravels 
(Mosser Lee Pearl Stone Soil Cover, 5-lb, $4.77, Home Depot)

– Activated carbon 
(Petco Activated Carbon, 11 oz, $5.99, Petco)

– Small container 
(local cookware store, $1)

– 2-in succulent plant 
(local farmers’ market, $2)

*You can always purchase the materials online or from a different retailer.


Step 2: Step 1: Choose your container

Picture of Step 1: Choose your container

Choose a (at least) 1-2 inch deep container. I purposely chose these funnel-shaped containers, because the narrower bottom can help collects excess water.


Step 3: Step 2: Add gravels

Picture of Step 2: Add gravels

Rinse your gravels, add a thin layer to your container. It can help store excess water in the bottom in order to prevent root rot.


Step 4: Step 3: Add activated carbon

Picture of Step 3: Add activated carbon

Sprinkle some activated carbon. It can help purify excess water and absorb odor.


Step 5: Step 4: Prepare the soil

Picture of Step 4: Prepare the soil

Mix a small amount of activate carbons into the cactus potting mix. Add water into the mix. 


Step 6: Step 5: Add soil

Picture of Step 5: Add soil

Add a thin layer of soil into your container. 


Step 7: Step 6: Unpot plant

Picture of Step 6: Unpot plant

Unpot plant. Massage the root. Try to get rid most of the old soil.


Step 8: Step 7: Add plant

Picture of Step 7: Add plant

Place your plant onto the thin layer of soil. Spread the root and cover it with more soil. Add more soil until it covers all the roots. Press the soil down.


Step 9: Step 8: Decorate

Picture of Step 8: Decorate

This step is optional as I added a top layer of gravels.


Step 10: Maintenance

Picture of Maintenance

Place it in somewhere with bright indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to become nearly dry, before you add a small amount of water. That’s it. Enjoy.