This Vertical Garden Planter will make a stunning feature piece in your outdoor entertaining area and it’s easy to recreate! This is a great DIY you’ll love to try.Get the dimension diameters from Little Gardenia.Vertical wall planter plans

Now you have the dimensions, get the tutorial on make the raised deck:

How to DIY Vertical Wall Garden Planter2

Get the full tutorial via the idea room:

DIY Flower Planter

After finishing the rainsed wood deck, and you can mount it to a wood panel as the gorgeous photo on the top, or hanging on the wall or window, the old house shared with us a great way to build and install Window Boxes below:

Video – How to Build and Install Window Boxes

This Herb Wall is another gorgeous idea as alternative to move it movable and can be designed with planters at both sides

How to DIY Vertical Wall Garden Planter5

It’s a simple structure and you can build one of these in hours.  You can have your herbs on standby in easy reach and it’s a beautiful piece that will enhance the space it is in.  The detailed video shared by Bonnie Plants will tell you more: