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This morning I was on the computer trying to order the new iPhone6 Plus. I started last night at midnight with no luck. By 2am the blogisphere was buzzing of the iPhone6 Plus shortages. I tried refreshing the site for a while to try and get my order in still, no luck. Finally i went to bed and heard my inbox ring with the announcement to be able to pre order your new iPhone6 or 6 Plus. so somewhere around eight oclock I tried once more to place my order. I was all the way to the end of the check out process where my card was declined. my balance was fine but my available funds was short by under twenty bucks. OhNo! ! ! I told myself that it was a sign and it was only a pre order I have plenty of time till the actual release. so I went back to bed and was awoken by my inbox again. this time it was navy federal telling me the financial ferries were at work and I was back in business trying to order the iPhone6 Plus one last time. if this didn’t work it wasn’t meant to be and i would go my own way. this time i was barely able to start the order. after a few tries, just before giving up, i tried once more and was able to successfully complete my purchase. now all i have to do is wait till the release date, I think the 19th to begin stressing over anticipation of my wonderful iPhone6 Plus arriving in the mail. so with the warned delays my iPhone should arrive four to six weeks after the 19th.