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I saw a kit for a fairy garden in a big box story and was blown away. They were offering a cheap plastic terracotta colored pot base with cheap fairy type accessories for $25.00. Determined not to be hoodwinked by buying such an item while parting with my $25.00 I decided to make my own.

Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
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This is what you need:

1. Three to four terracotta pots

2. One terracotta pot base

3. Epoxy adhesive

4. Soil with bits of gravel

5. Wood scraps (for stairs)

6. Jig saw (for cutting wood scraps)

7. Trinkets (for decorating)

8. Succulent Plants

Step 2: Begin assembling the garden

Picture of Begin assembling the garden
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I took a large broken piece of terracotta and placed it upside down (on the lip of the pot) and placed it in the terracotta pot base. Next I took a hammer and tapped out a chunk of the side of a smaller terracotta pot and placed it in the base. I placed it next to the larger broken piece so that I could simulate a stair case for for garden. After I was pleased with the placement I secured the pieces with the epoxy adhesive.

Step 3: Fill with soil

Picture of Fill with soil
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I know at this point it doesn’t look like much…but start adding the soil with the gravel. (I had a helper with this project!)

Step 4: Build Stairway

Picture of Build Stairway
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Measure space so that you can get a some what accurate measurement for your stairs. (safety Note: Please be careful if you are using a jigsaw on scrap pieces of wood. The saw can kick back on these tiny scraps and reek havoc on your fingers.) After cutting out your pieces of wood, push them into the soil. They should wedge nicely in between the terracotta pots and stay in place. Put a layer of the soil mix (optional) over the stairs. I added a little terracotta pot to the project and filled the pot with soil.

Step 5: Add the plants

Picture of Add the plants

I added a larger succulent plant to the small terracotta pot on top and added several smaller succulents in random spots. After adding the plants I watered them well and hoped the cat wouldn’t pull them out of the pots.

Step 6: Embellish!

Picture of Embellish!

During the planting stage I had to use modelling mesh to hold the soil from eroding. After placing the mesh I needed to make a small fence to “hide” the mesh from being too visible. I added brads as stepping stones and a tiny door for the top terracotta pot.

Step 7: Your Fairy Garden

Picture of Your Fairy Garden

I added embellishments to the garden. I may add a few more. I made this entire project for $12.00 and plan on giving it as a gift!