this cute canvas photo serves two purposes. not only is it super chic artwork of one of my loves, but it doubles as a cover for the unsightly alarm panel.
ta-da! not only does it hide the ugly alarm panel from friends and family, but also from strangers.
simply attach two flat hinges first to the canvas (ordered at canvas on demand with uploaded photo from our collection) and then to the wall. (i just picked the hinges up at home depot for cheep). 
view when canvas is in open position to reveal the alarm panel. 
side view of both canvases on the wall in our entry. you can see the hinges from the side on the one that is hiding the alarm panel, but barely.
what do you think?

update: 7/25/12 we have many comments saying that this will NOT work as a thermostat cover and we agree–this idea is for an ALARM panel. 🙂