There are tons of new tablets set to be released this fall–I myself just bought a Nexus 7 from Google, which I can’t get my hands off of. Stay tuned for a quick and easy way to make your own customized case!
What You’ll Need:
Xacto Knife/Box Cutter
Elmer’s glue
Super glue

Before You Buy:
Make sure the pages are large enough to fit the tablet, by at least .5″ in each direction.
Mine was almost the size of the tablet itself, so it was harder to cut and secure.
Look for something that already has some method of securing the book flaps (mine has elastic).
Discount stores like TJ Maxx are good for journals, and thrift stores are good for books.
1. Measure the length and width of your tablet, and mark the locations of your tablet’s buttons (volume, power, etc).
Trace this onto the first page you will cut. If you want to line your case with felt, make the margins a little thinner.
2. To hold everything in place, spread a THIN layer of Elmer’s glue over the pages.
Too much glue at a time will cause pages to wrinkle. Periodically re-apply glue as needed.

3. Fold book flaps back, and start using the box cutter on the pages; at some point, check to see if the case fits.

TIP: Rotary scissors will speed up the process once you’ve already made an indentation with the box cutters.
4. Remember to trim away areas for button access. Secure with glue as needed.
5. OPTIONAL:  Line your case with felt; snip squares off in the corners so the edges meet.
Cut appropriately around button access cutouts.
Use superglue to hold everything in place. You don’t need to glue the bottom so much as the sides.
6. Trim anything unsightly, re-glue pages, etc. Admire your new case!
Be creative–turn your favorite novel into your e-reader case! Alternatively, if you’d rather spend money on a quality case than a cheap DIY, there are tons of tablet book cases to choose from (i.e.Portenzo, Dodocase).

If you’re handy with tools, I would recommend removing the pages entirely, and making a wooden frame instead.