I havent been posting as much as I have been wanting to because my desktop application hasnt been working for me. I like it and am willing to wait till OS X 10.10 becomes official. there are other applications out there, maybe ill use this time to try them out and see if I can find one worth switching to. the only thing i would see as a reason to switch is if it shows the actual image instead of a placeholder.

I have been working on getting my friends business actually becoming a real business and have found some business type solutions. a major concern i have always had even before taking on my friends company was for me to pay employees and have appropriate taxes and workers comp fees taken out. well, bingo, I think i found a solution from intuit. they offer a reasonably priced payroll solution. whats even cooler is it is integrated into their small business and accounting software. I have been finding that you can pay a substantial lump sum and purchase the local desktop version or you can subscribe to their online version. It is in the cloud so all you information is floating around. I don’t think it is that scary for your businesses financial information to be entrusted with intuit by way of the cloud. it causes intuit to be vigilant and more inclined to make sure your company information is safeguarded. as long as you pay your taxes and make sure everything is on the up and up to the best of your knowledge, I doubt the CIA would bother snooping around. after all it seems like they and the asian hackers are the only ones able to penetrate internet security.

 :: UPDATE 8/28 ::

I have switched blogging publishing software. I am using MarsEdit. its kind of nice because the pictures actually show instead of placeholders and it supports many platforms