Materials: Ikea Komplement

I used the Ikea Komplement valour bracket as a base for mounting a pair of flexible coolant hose “arms”, which have crocodile clips attached at the ends to hold circuit boards for soldering. Coolant hose were attached to bracket with 1.5″ wood screws. I used shorter screws with heads cut off for the crocodile clips to fit onto.


More info here.



I ordered some of these cheap flexible cooling hose and they arrived today. Really easy to turn them into helping hands.  

I already had these handy Ikea Komplement brackets; some wood screws fit perfectly into both ends of the hose. 

I cut off the screw heads with a hacksaw, leaving a length of threading for the crocodile clips.

These hose are surprisingly sturdy and easier to articulate, but do still require two hands, and can take up more space (solder reel shown for scale).