Picture of Beautiful Succulent Terrarium in Minutes.

Terrarium are low maintenance beautiful looking indoor plant arrangements. Doing it yourself will gives you lot of happiness and sense of achievement . Making one will unleash your creative ability. They are low maintenance and they live long. They can be made with Foliage or succulent. The tall covered glass terrarium is one with foliage plant. The most important thing is to group your plants based one there water need and different color. Remember it is easy and if I can do it then u sure can !!!!

They don’t cost a lot and can be done with in $20.

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Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed

1. Terrarium plant or any succlent plant in 1 or 2 inch pot that u can find. Choose different colored plant.-3

2. Terrarium pot of any shape. Pick any clear glass container with wide mouth for first timers it should be medium in size like a small fish bowl. -1

3.Potting soil

4. Green Moss

5. Black Pebble

6. Spoon

7. White or light colored stone small in size


Step 2: Making the creation

Picture of Making the creation


1. Put the black rock in the bottom about 1 inch or less depending on the size of the bowl

2. Put soil in the pot little below the middle of the pot. Leave 23 of the place for the succulent plant

3. put the succulent in any combination.

4. cover the remaining ground with the moss.

5. Use spoon to line the bowl with stone or any decoration u can fancy to whip up .

6. Use spoon to water the soil.

7. Use tissue to clear out the remaining clear glass so that it is sparkling clean.

These make beautiful gift, centerpiece mantel ornament. I just love them . U need to water than once in 2 week .