Fuckers always be plain’ games.

Martin Luther King was actually a cool dude. I think i saw that he would have been 85 years old today.
Not much has been going on in my life other than dealing with semantics from the insurance company. I have been dealing with their bull shit for almost seven years. I comply with one of their speed bumps and they let out a stop stick. All in all, I am an outlier of a patient/client because normally a person in my situation either would have passed away by now or someone that has been in my situation would still be in the cabbage patch or be a Mr. Potato Head.
The little girl from Oakland California I am able to empathize because I was in a similar position. Only a parent can really tell if a person can come back. Odds are not good at all but it would be hypocritical of me to even say there is no hope whatsoever of a person coming back from a vegetative state. Even though i am an outlier I have seen both sides of this situation during my recovery.