I have been toying with my computer the past week. I added two external monitors and upgraded the OS to the developers beta. I find it interesting how an author of a tech blog was wining about how he screwed up by installing a beta on his primary machine and didn’t know how to downgrade. apple is so ingenious they were kind of expecting that situation. I had to downgrade as well , actually had to reinstall the older OS twice. when starting all you have to do on a mac is hold the option key and a set of icons choices to boot from show up. with the 10.10 installed it gave me three choices, 10.10 10.9 and another 10.9 since i don’t have an optical drive that icon did not appear. installing and upgrading operating systems on macs are so convenient because your personal settings and documents are preserved through each change in the OS. This is unlike windows because for each transition of the operating system is a clean reformat of the hard drive. I don’t think that was the deal back in the DOS days because Windows at the time was independent of the disk operating system.
Yahoo just sent me a welcome back email and was boasting their yahoo weather app. they must be in denial about iOS 8 utilizing the weather channel app over the yahoo middle mans app.