10 Easy DIY Apple Accessories

by  ehan1207 from Different Solutions

If you’re like me and cannot keep your cellphone in working condition for long, this list of DIYs was created with you in mind. Naturally, the same applies to the cases and accessories I happen to buy for my phone and/or iPod. Thankfully, these cheap, fun, and easy DIYs exist and will help you avoid the need to purchase new accessories, new cases and, most importantly, a new phone.

1. Pencil iPad Stand

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via geekygadgets

This amazingly easy DIY can be completed without instructions. The only materials needed for this small project are six pencils of relatively even lengths and four elastic bands. The link to the DIY can be found here.

2. Cross-Stitch Case

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via connectdesign

Although this requires a bit more skill, it is still relatively easy to pull off. It doesn’t have to be a fancy-looking pattern or a piece of art fit for a wall. Play around with the designs and make one to fit your style :). The link to the kit can be found here.

3. Paper Towel Roll Speakers

6 Easy DIY Apple Accessories 6 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficialvia macgyverisms

Kick your tunes up a notch with these simple speakers that are beyond cheap. All you need are scissors, a marker, a paper roll, and two plastic cups for the magic to happen. Enjoy!

4. Leather Case

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via designsponge

Give your iPhone a much needed case revamp with this simple leather case DIY. Although it may seem tricky, don’t give up and keep trying! The link to the DIY can be found here.

5. Stylus

6 Easy DIY Apple Accessories 12 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficialvia Disclosed Diary

This DIY offers up a fast, money-saving solution to a lack of stylus for your device. You’ll need drinking water, aluminum foil to conduct electricity, and a swab for the body of the stylus. The full guide on how to make this stylus can be found here.

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6. Macro Lens

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via Instructables

This Macro Lens is a must-have for all the tech geeks out there. Check out the DIY here.

7. Recycled iPad Cover

6 Easy DIY Apple Accessories 18 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficialvia lilblueboo

8. Recycled CD iPhone Dock

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via ithothit

While a brand new iPhone charging dock can cost upwards of $30, this cool DIY CD dock is free! In just a few simple steps, you’ll have a charging dock and extra cash in your pocket. Win win. The complete DIY can be found here.

9. Felted Case

6 Easy DIY Apple Accessories 24 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficialvia thecottagemama

Making a cozy case for your phone has never been so fun and easy with this DIY. All you need is an old sweater, that you’ve perhaps outgrown or outworn, and a sewing kit. Have fun!

10. Paper Cup Speakers

6 Easy DIY Apple Accessories 27 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficialvia lifehacker

Although this is barely a DIY, it sure is simple to make! Stick your phone into a clean paper cup and enjoy a louder sound!

Main Image Source:  geekygadgets
Collage Source: 1.  ithothit 2. Disclosed Diary 3. designsponge